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Providing therapy in a safe and confidential space.


I continue to offer telehealth sessions which will give you the option to choose between video or in office sessions. 


I stay up-to-date with the ever changing nature of the Covid-19 pandemic and the recommendations for health professionals.  My commitment is to support and treat my clients in a safe, consistent, and effective manner. I am also committed to my counseling role and responsibilities during these challenging times. I am committed to following all guidelines that are presented in order to provide a safe space for myself, clients and their families, and the community as a whole.  

I am using a user friendly, HIPPA-compliant platform, that is widely used by many therapists for video appointments.  Feedback has been positive and my clients find online sessions to be very convenient and effective.


If you are interested in becoming a new client, please contact me to schedule an appointment. I would be happy to answer your questions regarding telehealth and to support you as you start therapy.  


Here are a few tips that will help you with Telehealth sessions:


  1. Many if not all of my clients have found that “virtual” sessions are easy and highly effective as well as convenient.

  2. Even if you are not computer savvy or are nervous about how to work with new technology, I will assist with making the transition to online therapy as smooth as possible.  

  3. Some clients have concerns about finding quiet, private space for online therapy, especially with family members or housemates being homebound.  There are several effective strategies including finding a quiet place and/or using a sound machine/white noise while at home, and since you are able to conduct your session on your smartphone you can connect from anywhere. Clients have found it easy to meet from their car in the driveway, or at a park if that is convenient. Finding a private space for your appointment will help ensure a successful therapy session. 

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If you would like to schedule a new client appointment, please contact me today.

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