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Are you seeking relief from your life's difficulties & challenges?

Are you feeling isolated, lost, or overwhelmed?

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"Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light."- Theodore Roethke

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I'm Laura Jesmer, LCSW
IFS Certified and EMDR Certified Therapist

I work collaboratively with my clients to cultivate understanding and healing. 

Life isn’t always easy and there are times we need support to work through the struggles. You may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed as you face a major life change.  Or you may be experiencing upsetting memories that you think you should be over.  We may have parts of us who feel hurt, angry, sad, and confused about past and current events.  Sometimes we experience a great deal of self-doubt and inner criticism or feel frustrated with our own actions and the actions of others.  

The issues we face can be so overwhelming and painful that we may feel they are impossible to overcome.  These struggles can become opportunities for growth, change, and healing.  In therapy we will explore the beliefs, feelings, and relationships that are impacting your life. With curiosity and openness, you will gain greater understanding and clarity about why you feel the way you do and move through the pain, processing unresolved issues.  Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, loss, significant changes, or trauma, there is hope.  It is possible to feel empowered and to make positive, healing changes.  

"When we deny the story it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending."Brené Brown

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